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University Policies Manual (UPM)

Financial Services

Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Budget, Printing

Financial Services
Name Department Number Approved Date Renewal Date
Acceptable Use of Electronic and Digital Signatures, Policy on Accounting B-44

 Jul 2014

Jul 2019

Administration of Student Organization Funds, Policy on Chief Financial Officer B-56

Aug 2018

Aug 2021

American Express Government Card Program Policy & Procedures Accounting B-15

Mar 2014

Mar 2019

Audits & Reports, Investigative: Access, Disclosures & Enforcement (California Government Code) Chief Financial Officer G-01

Feb 2015


Bank Accounts, Policy on Establishment of Accounting B-25

Apr 2000

Revision Pending

Cash Handling, CSU Policy on (ICSUAM Sections 3102.01 - 3102.11) CSU ICSUAM (Integrated CSU Administrative Manual)



Cash Handling, Procedures Manual Accounting  

Sept 2022


Cell Phones and Other Communication Devices, Policy on Accounting B-07

Nov 2011

Nov 2016

Chargeback Policy Budget B-08

Dec 2015

Dec 2020

Contract Signatures, Authorized Procurement B-09

Feb 2022

Feb 2027

Financial Accountability & Control, Policy Chief Financial Officer B-54

Oct 2015

Oct 2018

Fiscal Improprieties, Reporting of CSU EO 813

Mar 2002


Hospitality, Policy on


Controller B-24

Oct 2023

Oct 2026

International Agreements, Policy on Review & Approval of President APM 676

Feb 2013

Feb 2018

Printing and Copying Orders (First Right of Refusal), Policy on Campus Printing Services B-53

Feb 2015

Feb 2020

Travel Policy Procedures and Regulations

NOTE: Please see Accounting Services website for travel restrictions effective January 1, 2017

CSU / Accounting ICSUAM 03601.01

Oct 2016


Unrelated Business Income, Policy on Chief Financial Officer B-43

Sep 1998

Revision Pending