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University Policies Manual (UPM)

Safety and Emergency

Police, Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety

Safety and Emergency
Name Department Number Approved Date Renewal Date
Alcohol, Policy on VPA G-04 Sep 2017 Sep 2022
Driving on State Business, Policy on Controller, EHS/RMS G-14 May 2015 May 2020
Ergonomics & Use of Special Funds, Policy on Workstation Human Resources G-19 Aug 2014 Aug 2019
Essential / Non-Essential Personnel in Case of a Campus Emergency, Guidelines for Establishing Human Resources G-58 Feb 2015  Feb 2020
Field Trip Policy, Policy on Off-Campus Events   (Revised campus policy pending, 9/18/2013. For information, contact EHS/RMS at 559.278.7422. Also see CSU Executive Order 1062.) Provost/VPA APM 626 Apr 2005 Revision Pending
CSU Chancellor's Office EO 1062 Apr 2011 n/a
  • >Field Trips - Risk Management Website for Off-Campus Events
EHS/RMS     n/a
Free Expression, Time, Place & Manner of VPA D-19 Oct 2019  Oct 2022
Holiday Decorations, Policy on EHS/RMS G-08 Sep 2015  Sep 2025
Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) EHS/RMS     n/a
Police Department Home Page Public Safety     n/a
Preparing the Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics, Policy on Title IX and Clery Compliance G-70 Sep 2019 Aug 2022
Reporting Crimes, Policy on Public Safety G-69 Sep 2019 Aug 2022
Reporting Missing Students (On-Campus Resident), Policy on University Housing G-71 May 2023 July  2025
Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety, Policy on EHS/RMS G-38 Mar 2000 Revision Pending
Smoke & Tobacco Free Environment, Policy on Systemwide CSU Chancellor's Office EO 1108 Apr 2017 n/a
Video Security Camera Policy, Policy on Systemwide CSU Chancellor's Office 8020972 June 2020 n/a
Video Monitoring & Surveillance Activities, Policy on VPA APM 648 Jan 2008 n/a
Violence, Policy on Workplace Threat of Public Safety G-33 Dec 2012  Dec 2017